About Swati

B wealthy is a channel to help people become money friendly. If you are friends with money, then you will automatically have money, and we at B wealthy firmly believes that this is possible. We will give techniques that will help you in growing your wealth. We will tell you what you should to do to save more, invest more and most importantly to earn more. B wealthy will guide you so that you avoid common mistakes people make while trying to be rich. We will give you tips, advice and will tell you secrets of making it big in life.

Swati is the mind behind B wealthy. She has spent more than a decade working with the best minds of personal finance in the country. As the founding anchor of India’s first personal finance TV show in Hindi, Your Money, she was always in the forefront to help people manage and grow their wealth. During her stint as an anchor at CNBC Awaaz, she learned the intricacies of making money from the best of the best in the country. What helped her was her conscious effort to see and understand the whole game of personal finance from a layman’s perspective.

The intent behind starting B Bwealthy is to help people in realizing their dream of earning more and becoming RICH & WEALTHY. Swati believes that people find it challenging to understand the nuances of money matters and are hesitant to ask questions. She wants to break the notion that you need a lot of money or need to understand complicated theories to earn more. To do this, she started sharing her experience and knowledge with people. She also thinks that there is a lot of right experts around and she wants to bring all of them on this channel to share their expertise with people so that viewers can improve their relationship with money and BE WEALTHY.